Yeah, I need a float bag.  Judging from some of the prices I see on those links, Peter Mitchell is being very good to me.  He got my busted paddle bent shaft back and will stamp out a new one for me.

Anyway, I was still sore from last week tonight and cranked out 7 rolls on my first 7 tries tonight.  Then my elbow started getting sore.  Still wound up with a roughly 75% success rate for almost 25 attempts.  Mass Pike was turning into an ice skating rink on the way home, so combining that with a Fung Wah bus in my rear view mirror, I was almost as much on the edge as you were with your last early March escapade with Wade (was that the Still or the Sandy).

My right elbow is in a lotta' pain right now - sign of some bad tactics?  Prolly; my first 7 rolls tonight, I focused on getting on the back deck, then I took a break and started getting tired and was not as crisp.  Good thing for the BBC right now (Berkshire Brewing Company - Berkshire Ale tonight)
That's the OT paddling report for this week.

Mark P. Renson 

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Mark P. Renson wrote on 2/13/09 12:44 PM:

where's a good place to mail order paddling gear?

I like for their broad selection and helpful phone service. sometimes has better prices.

And if by any chance you˘re looking for a skirt, do not fail to go to these guys...
Best quality, friendliest service. 

Last night in the wilds of the Brookline HS pool, it was "C-to-J" and they more I simplify, the better I roll. 

Simple sounds good, Mark. 
My latest ocean boat roll goal is to get my torso back up to vertical faster. Was out practicing in the surf Wednesday and the new-style (for me) back deck rolls were working fine, except I˘d come up, leaning back, then the next wave would come and flip me vertical on my stern. Over and ˇnikcirf over. Got real old.
One guy says I should duct tape a picture of Angelina Jolie to my bow to make me lean forward as soon as I come up. 


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