Hey CKP,

A reminder that we will have our general membership meeting tonight at 8PM in CWP114!  We will be holding elections, signing up for distribution and cooking shifts and going over general club business.

ELECTIONS!  The Campus Kitchen at UVM relies on motivated student leaders.  All positions for the CK Leadership Team will be on the ballot for election tonight.  If you have a love for food, a desire to cure hunger, an urge to make UVM and Burlington a more sustainable place you should apply.  Pick a position that matches your skills, email me before 6PM tonight, and have a 30 second speech prepared for the meeting. It's that easy.  Attached is a document with all the LT positions.
-On Campus Co-coordinator
-Off Campus Co-coordinator
-Fundraising Coordinator
-PR Coordinator
-Advocacy/Awareness Coordinator 
-Garden Coordinator

ALSO!! Make sure to check out the Vermont Food Summit website! (uvm.edu/~vfs)  Campus Kitchen along with UDS will be hosting Battle of the Campus Chefs on Monday April 6th from 6-8 and Future of Food Open Space Forum (along with Sustainable Food Working Group) on Wednesday April 8th from 10:30-1:30.

All the best,