Campus Kitchen at UVM Student Leadership Positions



The On-campus co-coordinator will serve as the club’s president and work with on-campus partners. Responsibilities include tracking food donations from partner agencies, reserving rooms for meetings and events, coordinating volunteers for cooking and distribution shifts, and attending advisory board meetings.

The Off-campus co-coordinator will serve as the club’s vice president and be responsible for establishing contact and maintaining relationships with CKP’s community partners. Job responsibilities include finding additional food donation partners for weekly meals, maintaining a contact list of community partners, send out monthly “thank you” letters to donors, and finding off-campus sponsors for fundraisers and other events.  The off-campus co-coordinator will also keep track of e-mail communication through the Campus Kitchen email account.


The fundraising coordinator will be responsible for organizing CK UVM’s on- and off-campus fundraisers. The fundraising coordinator will create and manage a committee of student volunteers to help organize these events.


The treasurer will be responsible for tracking the club’s finances and assuring compliance with all of SGA’s club finance rules. The treasurer will also be responsible for submitting and defending a club budget to the SGA.


The secretary will be responsible for taking and distributing notes for all club membership and leadership team meetings, updating the club ListServ, and emailing members about upcoming events.

PR Coordinator

The PR Coordinator will be responsible for the club’s marketing, both on- and off-campus. This person should work closely with the Fundraising and Advocacy/Awareness Coordinator to effectively advertise upcoming fundraisers, events and awareness campaigns.  A basic knowledge in design software and HTML would be helpful.



Advocacy/Awareness Coordinator

The advocacy/awareness coordinator will be responsible for organizing the monthly social justice-themed meetings for club members. This person will also develop a partnership with local hunger awareness organizations and, working with the rest of the LT and staff coordinator, coordinate an advocacy campaign and area of focus for the club.

Garden Coordinator

The garden coordinator will be responsible for coordinating all of CKP’s gleaning and gardening efforts, as well as for researching and applying for a future CKP garden.


**All of these positions work closely together to make the club functional.**