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Thanks for the clarification & mention of Marguerite Olney. And it is 
good to recall the history of such efforts, of which VFC is the current 
iteration.  Marcus McCorison

Andy Kolovos wrote:

> Marcus,
> The Vermont Folklife Center (VFC) was actually established 25 years ago
> as a private non-profit organization.  Although we do work
> collaboratively with Middlebury College from time to time, we have no
> official connection to them.
> Jane Beck first began her work in 1978 as Vermont Folklorist under the
> auspices of the Vermont Arts Council.  In 1982 the Governor's Conference
> on the Future of Vermont's Heritage issued a resolution suggesting the
> establishment of an organization to document and preserve the heritage
> of the state.  As a result of this resolution, the Vermont Folklife
> Center was founded as a private non-profit in 1984.
> Jane has always viewed her work--for both the Vermont Arts Commission
> and at the Vermont Folklife Center--as an extension of the work begun by
> Flanders.  The efforts of Helen Flanders and her collaborators (be they
> her co-authors like George Brown or Marguerite Olney or the individual
> performers with whom she worked over the years) continues to inspire
> what we do at the VFC.
> It is my understanding that Helen Hartness Flanders maintained her
> collection at home until it became too large, at which time she donated
> it to Middlebury College.  The collection at Middlebury is not, as far
> as I know, specifically one organized around the Committee on Vermont
> Traditions and Ideals.  That, however, is something for someone
> affiliated with Middlebury College Special Collections to answer for sure.
> Best Wishes,
> Andy Kolovos
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> I was surprised to learn that Jane Beck had founded the folklife center
> only 20 years ago at Middlebury College.  I have on my shelves what may
> be considered a beginning about 80 years earlier -- Helen Harness
> Flanders' books, "A garland of Green Mountain Song" (she compiled and
> ed. it back in 1934 as Green Mountian Pamphlet No. I,  a part of Pop
> Peach's efforts to save Vt. folklife) and her "Vemont folk-songs &
> ballads," (ed. with George Brown, Stephen Daye Press, 1932), another of
> AW Peach's efforts. Mrs Flanders, daughter of a Vt. governor and wife of
> a US senator began collecting ballads with Phillips Barry about 1930 and
> deposited her papers at Middlebury College. Were they part of an archive
> established by the Committee on Vermont Traditions and Ideals?  And
> don't forget the charming little book. "Vermont chap book," with
> delightful woodcuts and hand set in type up at Breadloaf in 1941.  
> Marcus McCorison
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