Just a reminder that we will have a meeting this Wednesday @ 7:10pm in  
Votey 254. Please do everything within your power to arrive a little  
early so we can begin promptly at 7:10pm. We have a couple important  
things on the agenda for Wednesday:

1) Elections! Today was the last day to request to be on the ballot.  
Please plan on attending as your vote will decide the future officers  
of the club!

2) Tobey Clark who introduced us to Professor Rivas from Peru in the  
Fall will be returning to give a brief presentation/discussion that  
was presented by a member of the World Health Organization during our  
spring break. He will also be bringing along two students from Peru  
and Colombia.

3) Lastly we need to further discuss oven building due to the fact the  
weather was terrible Sunday and we were unable to begin construction.  
If you have not responded to Jacquie's doodle pole, please do so now.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!