:) ,  I think you mean to say will conclude versus commence at dusk? or are
you going to party from 2 -> dusk?

on a more serious note: any handtools needed?

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Hey Everyone,

If you missed the meeting last night I am attaching the minutes.
Sunday we will begin building our oven, and I hope everyone can make
it out to help. Construction will begin at 2pm on Sunday and commence
at dusk. Following our hard work we will be invited back to Jacquie
and Nate's Condo for PIZZA. So clear your schedule, get you homework
done Saturday, and plan on attending.

This is also another reminder for anyone interested in running for an
elective office...I am awaiting your email.

Have a good Thursday and Friday! See you Sunday!

(See attached file: EWB3.18.docx)