I would check the root prefix path, or IMAP server directory, whatever they name it, typically set to
 -- post OS 10.4, the trailing slash should be left off--mail will do unpredictable things if that path is not correct.



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Geoffrey Marchand wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite"> The staff member has now reported that webmail is exhibiting the same issues as Thunderbird.

From: Geoffrey Marchand <[log in to unmask]>
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 4:16 PM
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Subject: Odd Thunderbird activity

Good Afternoon,

     A staff member here in athletics has been experiencing odd email issues for a few months now. Her client is the latest version of Thunderbird on a brand new Macbook (10.5.6). The problem has heightened since moving to the new computer. Here is what is going on:

1) Mail doesn't arrive in the inbox User must close and reopen program everytime in order to receive new mail (This I have seen before and is usually intermittent/rare with users)
2) Mail she deletes from inbox will suddenly reappear in the inbox minutes or hours later.
3) When she moves messages into Mail folders they disappear (get deleted) within 24-36 hours. I have recovered the messages and put them back in their respective folders only to have them keep disappearing.

   I have completely removed the program and reinstalled with a new Thunderbird profile but unfortunately these issues continue. The account settings are the standard UVM config settings that most users in our dept have. Webmail appears to be working properly. I haven't tried moving messages into folders via Webmail but will give it a try.

Any thoughts or suggestions why this might be happening??? Anyone using an alternative OSX email client?

Thanks -Geoff
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