Japanese House no minasan (everyone),

I would like to remind you about the L/L Program Fair.
Today, March 4th (W)
I will see you in the Fireplace Lounge.
I received a message from Monique who is arranging this event last 
night and she asked us to set up our own table at  2:30.
I have class 1:55-2:45, so I won't be there at 2:30, so when I see 
Bobby-kun and Jason-kun arond 1:30, I will give things to display and 
some snack.

See you later.

1:30-2;30 setting up  ( Bobby  ) ( Jason  )Corson at the beginning only
3:00-4:00  ( Bobby   )( Sam )
4:00-5:00  ( Alfonso )( Zach   ) Corson 
5:00-6:00  ( Alfonso )( Zach   )  5:30 Suzuki-sensei
6:00-7:00  cleaning up  ( Randy  )    (             )  Suzuki-sensei

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