The hotfix has been applied.  You should now see new messages arriving 
with current times.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Kent Saunders wrote:
> This morning NotifyLink users will notice message times are off by one 
> hour.  This is caused by a software error in the NotifyLink code.  
> Late last Friday a hotfix was issued to correct this, however it will 
> take some downtime to install.  From their website:
> "This hotfix corrects a Daylight Savings Time miscalculation that 
> caused events on March 1-8, 2009 to be incorrectly adjusted as if they 
> were in DST."
> I will begin applying this hotfix to our servers now.  During this 
> process you will not lose any mail, and there are no actions required 
> by you.  You may notice some delays on receiving new messages.  I 
> apologize for these delays.
> -kent