Web site: the career center web design teacher does ours, he works it into
the curriculum, and does himself what the kids aren't yet capable of. 
Teachers with their own sites use a variety of methods: Google, sites
built from scratch using Dreamweaver (a lot of the teachers have taken web
design courses at Marlboro College as part of their PD), or we have a
restricted use wiki they could just tag on to.  We tried using our First
Class server as a web server for our Asia-American Cultural Exchange
program, but kids found once they got to China that a lot of the time the
pictures on their pages wouldn't load, they'd get the page, but then
they'd get a lot of those little boxes with the x where the picture should

Carts: we have four of them currently, and are getting two more.  You're
absolutely right, they're a pain in the neck, for all the reasons you
mention, and more.  If you've got space for labs, go for it.  We don't
have a half dozen spare rooms in the building, though, so the only way
we're gonna get that many people using computers at one time is with carts.

Netbooks: I just got an Aspire One for Christmas, and I love it.  I'm
starting to think 1-1 may be a reality some day, after all.  I look
forward to it, if/when it happens.  

Bob Wickberg
Technology Coordinator
Brattleboro Union High School District # 6

School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>South Burlington has now tried and rejected laptop carts at both the
>middle and high schools.? There's just too much overhead in moving the
>cart, handing out the laptops, getting everyone logged in, collecting the
>laptops at the end of the period and returning the cart.? It's much more
>straightforward to just bring the class to a lab.
>Personally, I think the emergence and refinement of netbooks is bringing
>us closer to the point where one-to-one initiatives make more sense.? I
>think the convergence of cost, features, and available resources is
>rapidly coming together and will happen very soon.? The real key, in my
>mind, at least, is getting written materials available through netbooks,
>so we can move toward replacing textbooks with electronic resources.? If
>we can get publishers to reduce the cost of electronic texts, or develop
>quality open source texts and escape the commercial textbook publishing
>racket entirely, it's very possible that one-to-one initiatives could pay
>for themselves in savings.
>Steve Barner
>South Burlington High School
>School Information Technology Discussion [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
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>Subject: Web Page Overhaul..., also integrating technology - advice?
>I'm a part-time jack-of-all-trades IT for Walden School.
>I do the web site myself. The CSS is not quite right -
>see esp. menu on grade 7-8. Looks fine w/ Firefox, but not IE.
>Haven't thought about taking the time to fix it for quite a while.
>I've been taking a few staff pictures lately to replace
>the "no picture" signs, esp. on the staff page, and entering
>the text (have not yet received anything in electronic form)
>for each person's "blurb". 
>Until this year, I spent about a day a week at Walden (pre-k-8, 130+/-
>keeping computers, incl. file/printer server & network working,
>along with helping staff with Word, Excel, email, whatever--, various
>related issues,
>and creating an occasional database (e.g., for tracking meals).
>This year I'm spending a good part of most Wed & Thurs
>in front of kids in grades 3-8 (usu ~45 minute/week w/each grade). 
>(bare-bones curriculum principal & I cobbled together)
>This summer the principal is putting on the agenda figuring out how 
>to take "integrating technology" the next step. 
>She has already drawn out matrices on 6' swaths of paper 
>mapping technologies and subjects.
>If any of you (Lucie, I've been in awe of what you've been doing for
>have some thoughts, suggestions on a couple of fronts, I'd welcome
>getting them.
>One is facing how to change the "technology culture" of a school.
>Teachers need to get comfort using tech tools for their own use before
>capably/comfortably passing on those skills as part of history, math,
>We have little "teaching technology" (e.g., just got some Elmos a year or
>2 ago, 
>may get white boards if the board and community will agree to including
>in a budget).
>We have a collection of over a dozen computers in the library, so that
>any one class
>can have a computer per student. The PCs are squeezed into too-small a
>so that a teacher can only see from any one spot what 1/3 or 1/2 of the
>are doing with their computer.
>The principal and I have been talking about laptop carts; I've been
>wondering if the school
>should consider a "One Laptop per Child" environment - every kid gets
>his/her own device -
>say, for implementation over the next half-dozen years. I think getting
>$$ into the budget to
>consider making big changes is unlikely. Perhaps there are grants out
>there for this ...
>Comments welcome
>Sigurd Andersen
>Bjorn Behrendt wrote: 
>At Proctor I do my own. ?I am currently redesigning it using Drupal, with
>my site being hosted from ([
>] (their cheep and have servers optomized for
>drupal). ? Our teachers use the document feature of our email client
>(zimbra) for creating their personal websites. ? If we didn't have zimbra
>I'd have teachers create their personal sites in Google sites (part of
>Apps), or if our SIS program has a parent portal I'd push managing that
>over a web presence. ?.
>the dev site I am working on:?[ ]
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>Subject: District Web Page Overhaul...
>It is time to give our web page, <[
>]> a major overhaul. I have been looking at
>some other school web pages in our region and I'll be contacting them to
>see who designed their web page, but until I do that, I'm wondering if I
>could get a quick poll of who designed your web pages, and who keeps them
>up-to-date. Do you have a full time person, or do you have students do
>some of the work, or do you outsource?
>Bryan Thompson
>Technology Coordinator
>Winooski School District
>Winooski, VT 05404
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