I would love to know how you do this?
"Rick D-E has created a laptop initiative at both the primary and
secondary levels where teachers can receive a laptop fully packed with
software in return for attending and participating in a certain number
of afterschool technology training sessions.  It's a great program and
I'm sure Rick can speak(wirte) more to details of that program"

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 9:16 AM, Luis Bango <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
At Woodstock, I teach web design and I'm relieved of a duty obligation
(study hall, cafeteria, etc...) to develop and maintain the web site.  I
try to get the students involved as much as possible and always have a
few students that can actually make contributions.  It's always a work
in progress and at times much more time consuming than most people
imagine.  It's essentially a static site but I'm now in the process
designing a db for the back end (course directory, teacher profiles,
news and updates, etc...).  I'm trying to decide what application server
language to use....aspx, php, ColdFusion....any suggestions??

Regarding professional development, Windsor Central is lucky enough to
have Rick Dustin-Eichler as a tech integration specialist.  He's been
doing a great job at all levels, K-12.  I work in the middle school/high
school and help out as much as possible with after school sessions as
well as nuts and bolts during the school day when I'm not teaching.
There is no budget per say to compensate teachers for their afterschool
time but we do have a couple of ways of dangling carrots in front of

1) Floating in-service - Each year MS and HS teachers are responsible
for completing 8 hours of floating in-service.  They choose anything
that they feel can either inform of transform their instruction.
I encourage them to attend my afterschool sessions and use those hours
towards their floating in-service obligation.

2) Rick D-E has created a laptop initiative at both the primary and
secondary levels where teachers can receive a laptop fully packed with
software in return for attending and participating in a certain number
of afterschool technology training sessions.  It's a great program and
I'm sure Rick can speak(wirte) more to details of that program.

Luis Bango
(802)457-1317 x198
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Subject: Re: Web Page Overhaul..., also integrating technology - advice?

Web site: the career center web design teacher does ours, he works it
into the curriculum, and does himself what the kids aren't yet capable
Teachers with their own sites use a variety of methods: Google, sites
built from scratch using Dreamweaver (a lot of the teachers have taken
web design courses at Marlboro College as part of their PD), or we have
a restricted use wiki they could just tag on to.  We tried using our
First Class server as a web server for our Asia-American Cultural
Exchange program, but kids found once they got to China that a lot of
the time the pictures on their pages wouldn't load, they'd get the page,
but then they'd get a lot of those little boxes with the x where the
picture should be.

Carts: we have four of them currently, and are getting two more.  You're
absolutely right, they're a pain in the neck, for all the reasons you
mention, and more.  If you've got space for labs, go for it.  We don't
have a half dozen spare rooms in the building, though, so the only way
we're gonna get that many people using computers at one time is with

Netbooks: I just got an Aspire One for Christmas, and I love it.  I'm
starting to think 1-1 may be a reality some day, after all.  I look
forward to it, if/when it happens.

Bob Wickberg
Technology Coordinator
Brattleboro Union High School District # 6

School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]>
>South Burlington has now tried and rejected laptop carts at both the
>middle and high schools.? There's just too much overhead in moving the
>cart, handing out the laptops, getting everyone logged in, collecting
>the laptops at the end of the period and returning the cart.? It's much

>more straightforward to just bring the class to a lab.
>Personally, I think the emergence and refinement of netbooks is
>bringing us closer to the point where one-to-one initiatives make more
>sense.? I think the convergence of cost, features, and available
>resources is rapidly coming together and will happen very soon.? The
>real key, in my mind, at least, is getting written materials available
>through netbooks, so we can move toward replacing textbooks with
>electronic resources.? If we can get publishers to reduce the cost of
>electronic texts, or develop quality open source texts and escape the
>commercial textbook publishing racket entirely, it's very possible that

>one-to-one initiatives could pay for themselves in savings.
>Steve Barner
>South Burlington High School
>School Information Technology Discussion
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>Subject: Web Page Overhaul..., also integrating technology - advice?
>I'm a part-time jack-of-all-trades IT for Walden School.
>I do the web site myself. The CSS is not quite right - see esp. menu on

>grade 7-8. Looks fine w/ Firefox, but not IE.
>Haven't thought about taking the time to fix it for quite a while.
>I've been taking a few staff pictures lately to replace the "no
>picture" signs, esp. on the staff page, and entering the text (have not

>yet received anything in electronic form) for each person's "blurb".
>Until this year, I spent about a day a week at Walden (pre-k-8, 130+/-
>students), keeping computers, incl. file/printer server & network
>working, along with helping staff with Word, Excel, email, whatever--,
>various related issues, and creating an occasional database (e.g., for
>tracking meals).
>This year I'm spending a good part of most Wed & Thurs in front of kids

>in grades 3-8 (usu ~45 minute/week w/each grade).
>(bare-bones curriculum principal & I cobbled together) This summer the
>principal is putting on the agenda figuring out how to take
>"integrating technology" the next step.
>She has already drawn out matrices on 6' swaths of paper mapping
>technologies and subjects.
>If any of you (Lucie, I've been in awe of what you've been doing for
>have some thoughts, suggestions on a couple of fronts, I'd welcome
>getting them.
>One is facing how to change the "technology culture" of a school.
>Teachers need to get comfort using tech tools for their own use before
>capably/comfortably passing on those skills as part of history, math,
>We have little "teaching technology" (e.g., just got some Elmos a year
>2 ago,
>may get white boards if the board and community will agree to including

>in a budget).
>We have a collection of over a dozen computers in the library, so that
>any one class can have a computer per student. The PCs are squeezed
>into too-small a space, so that a teacher can only see from any one
>spot what 1/3 or 1/2 of the students are doing with their computer.
>The principal and I have been talking about laptop carts; I've been
>wondering if the school should consider a "One Laptop per Child"
>environment - every kid gets his/her own device - say, for
>implementation over the next half-dozen years. I think getting $$ into
>the budget to consider making big changes is unlikely. Perhaps there
>are grants out there for this ...
>Comments welcome
>Sigurd Andersen
>Bjorn Behrendt wrote:
>At Proctor I do my own. ?I am currently redesigning it using Drupal,
>with my site being hosted from ([
>] (their cheep and have servers optomized
>for drupal). ? Our teachers use the document feature of our email
>(zimbra) for creating their personal websites. ? If we didn't have
>zimbra I'd have teachers create their personal sites in Google sites
>(part of Apps), or if our SIS program has a parent portal I'd push
>managing that over a web presence. ?.
>the dev site I am working on:?[
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>It is time to give our web page, <[
>]> a major overhaul. I have been looking
>at some other school web pages in our region and I'll be contacting
>them to see who designed their web page, but until I do that, I'm
>wondering if I could get a quick poll of who designed your web pages,
>and who keeps them up-to-date. Do you have a full time person, or do
>you have students do some of the work, or do you outsource?
>Bryan Thompson
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>Winooski, VT 05404
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