At Mt. Abe I maintain the home page, menu, links, etc.  Some departments and some individul teachers create their own pages within our site.  Our school secretary saves the daily notices to a special folder each day to be included on the home page.     Our Guidance secretary updates the course selection guide each year and then I link the syllabi from teachers to the course descriptions.  Other school, research, and community links are on the lower part of the home page along with our PBIS initiative called TREAT.  
  We have a computer designated to host the website. The orginal site was created in FrontPage and I took over last year and usually use Dreamweaver (CS3 version currrently) and HTML code with a javascript menu.  The home page is still in a table although I am learning more about <div> now that we have a new text for our Web Design course.  Students in the course select final projects which sometimes include helping teachers with class pages.  Most recently students have helped with the art department (posted) and the tech ed department (revisions haven't been posted yet).   One semester of last year and one semester of this year I have been provided one class period designated to "Web Master" .
  Also many of our teachers use Edline (web-based) to post information for students and parents such as student grade reports, course syllabi, worksheets, assignments, class notes, links to websites and/or downloads, etc.  Access is protected by user name and password for each student account.  
  It's been a great learning experience and we can easily add current messages and new links by managing it ourselves.
 The address is if you want to take a look.  

Teri Fitz-Gerald, Math and Computer Science
Mount Abraham Union High School
7 Airport Drive
Bristol, VT     05443
Phone: (802) 453-2333, ext. 1136
Fax:  (802) 453-4359
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School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
I'm a part-time jack-of-all-trades IT for Walden School.
I do the web site myself. The CSS is not quite right -
see esp. menu on grade 7-8. Looks fine w/ Firefox, but not IE.
Haven't thought about taking the time to fix it for quite a while.
I've been taking a few staff pictures lately to replace
the "no picture" signs, esp. on the staff page, and entering
the text (have not yet received anything in electronic form)
for each person's "blurb".

Until this year, I spent about a day a week at Walden (pre-k-8, 130+/- students),
keeping computers, incl. file/printer server & network working,
along with helping staff with Word, Excel, email, whatever--, various related issues,
and creating an occasional database (e.g., for tracking meals).

This year I'm spending a good part of most Wed & Thurs
in front of kids in grades 3-8 (usu ~45 minute/week w/each grade).
(bare-bones curriculum principal & I cobbled together)
This summer the principal is putting on the agenda figuring out how
to take "integrating technology" the next step.
She has already drawn out matrices on 6' swaths of paper
mapping technologies and subjects.

If any of you (Lucie, I've been in awe of what you've been doing for forever)
have some thoughts, suggestions on a couple of fronts, I'd welcome getting them.

One is facing how to change the "technology culture" of a school.
Teachers need to get comfort using tech tools for their own use before
capably/comfortably passing on those skills as part of history, math, whatever.

We have little "teaching technology" (e.g., just got some Elmos a year or 2 ago,
may get white boards if the board and community will agree to including in a budget).
We have a collection of over a dozen computers in the library, so that any one class
can have a computer per student. The PCs are squeezed into too-small a space,
so that a teacher can only see from any one spot what 1/3 or 1/2 of the students
are doing with their computer.
The principal and I have been talking about laptop carts; I've been wondering if the school
should consider a "One Laptop per Child" environment - every kid gets his/her own device -
say, for implementation over the next half-dozen years. I think getting $$ into the budget to
consider making big changes is unlikely. Perhaps there are grants out there for this ...

Comments welcome
Sigurd Andersen

Bjorn Behrendt wrote:

At Proctor I do my own.  I am currently redesigning it using Drupal, with my site being hosted from ( (their cheep and have servers optomized for drupal).   Our teachers use the document feature of our email client (zimbra) for creating their personal websites.   If we didn't have zimbra I'd have teachers create their personal sites in Google sites (part of Apps), or if our SIS program has a parent portal I'd push managing that over a web presence.  .

the dev site I am working on:


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It is time to give our web page, <> a major overhaul. I have been looking at some other school web pages in our region and I'll be contacting them to see who designed their web page, but until I do that, I'm wondering if I could get a quick poll of who designed your web pages, and who keeps them up-to-date. Do you have a full time person, or do you have students do some of the work, or do you outsource?


Bryan Thompson
Technology Coordinator
Winooski School District
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