I use Active@ Disk Image 3.2 for my new computers, back up to an external USB HD.  Super easy to use and inexpensive...
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Hi folks,
*be warned: Mac guy treading in PC territory here!
I've got a school that just purchased a bunch of netbooks with Windows XP Home (Lenova s10).  Nice little machine, but I'm not too keen on setting up 28 of them!  They have no server to do imaging and my experience is with OSX Server and Carbon Copy Cloner.
Ideally what I want to do is setup the "perfect" machine and clone it to the others, be able to quickly re-clone, or reset to originally cloned settings (after students/teachers/malware messes things up) when I desire (not every time the machine restarts).  No servers to connect to for profiles, so only local user accounts will be uses.  Preferably the "image" would be on a usb drive.  
I've read about FOG and SelfImage (both open source) a little.  The school isn't purchasing anything expensive!  I am headed to FOSS in April, but I'd like to start experimenting now.
Another related q: stick with XP Home or go OpenSource?  What about antivirus/malware solutions?  What am I getting myself in to, and forget the "Any Key", where is the darn Apple Key???

thanks for your musings!

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