Ditto on Billšs comments:

Setup is easy, and allows for sharing between classrooms or easy
re-deployment. We are looking at each team (3-4 rooms) having one to move
around. Also great in rooms where there is no wall space to mount a board,
PLUS you can still use the space for writing when you are not doing the
Interactive thing.

PLUS easy to exchange or send back if there is a problem ­ 5 year warranty

Yes, permanent projector installation helps, but not essential

Software similar to SMART, with the exception of no marker functionality in
other applications

Using pointer instead of fingers is no big deal, but takes a little
practice. Wešve all been using our fingers longer! A little challenging with
youngest students.

Cost effective ++++


on 3/24/09 2:27 PM, Jean Campbell wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone out there have experience with Mimio Interactive + Capture?
> If so, would you be willing to share your experience with them?
> I am wondering if you like them?
> Are they similar to Smartboard?  How is the software??
> Pros?  Cons?  Any advise would be appreciated.
> Thanks, Jean
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