I have been very happy with the Hp notebook's I bought at the beginning of the year.  I don't think I will ever buy another full size laptop lab again.  I have been demoing the MSI Wind from bytespeed for a few months now and have been relitively happy with it.

Bytespeed is really pushing the MSI Wind with a 3 year warrenty ($400 give or take depending on setup)
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Also The Top Floor is where I originally bought the HP (It was the only 10" notebook I could get at the time).

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RNESU is starting to think about next year's laptop purchases (and late-year purchases for this year). We are interested in hearing from other folks - what have you been buying - whether you've been happy with the make/models, whether you've had any problems that might help inform our decisions.. anyone going in a new direction next year?

We appreciate any suggestions/feedback that you provide.

Thanks very much,
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