It looks like I missed 2 ideas that were proposed. My apologies go out to the senders of:
1- Digital Signage
2- Digital forms/surveys
If you have suggestions on presenters please let us know.
Vince Gonillo

>>> Craig Lyndes <[log in to unmask]> Wednesday, March 11, 2009 8:27 PM >>>
We had a very successful first planning meeting tonight at Zachary's.  
Here is the report on what we have so far.

Outline of the day's schedule; (Friday May 22 at SBHS)

8:30 - Check in
9 - 9:50 Key Note
10 - 10:50 up to 3 Sessions available
11 - 11:45 Lunch
12 - 12:50 up to 3 sessions available
1 - 1:50 up to 3 sessions available
2 - 2:50 up to 3 sessions available
3 - 3:50 Release the Hounds - Round table discussion
4 - when ever.... drinks at the Upper Deck

Concurrent Session

Remote Access ???
Virtualization  (Green Pages ?) Brian at S. Burl will contact
Devices on the Edge of the Network (Mike Lambert?) Fred W. will contact

Concurrent Session

Imaging (Eric Hall to organize?)
MythTV VLC Mike Vining
Free Tech Tools for managing a Windows Network Bjorn
TBA - Vince Rosanno

Concurrent Session

Apple - Mobil devices Mike Vining to contact
Dell - Mobil devices   "
HP - Mobil devices   "

Concurrent Session

Microsoft - send us an engineer to speak on OS and networking
Novell - send us an engineer
Linux - (Craig will scout FOSS-ED for networking expert)

When people sent us proposals we used them (thanks BJ).  For some good 
suggestions we are hoping the suggesters will be willing to organize the 
session.  We are aware that some of these aren't going to fly, so this 
is flexible.  If you are disappointed in not seeing something you would 
like, please write up a proposal for a presentation and send it to;

Vince Gonillo [log in to unmask] 

We could not nail down a keynote.  Please suggest anyone you think would 
be good.

Robin, thanks for volunteering.

Vince Rosanno, wait till you see what we voted you in for!!!

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Next meeting in 2 weeks.  Wed March 25th Zachary's Pizza, Williston Rd 
S. Burl 4 to 6

Please attend if you can!

Craig Lyndes


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