At 6:55 PM -0400 3/8/09, Peter Manship wrote:
>Early today I went to the area where Julie Waters found the Barrow's
>Goldeneye yesterday and sure enough there out on the fare side (VT) of the
>river in a raft of 54 Common Goldeneye's was a single Barrow's. I was headed
>back to get my camera when something spooked them and the majority took
>off and headed south on the river. Looking over the ducks that remained I
>found 2 Hooded Mergansers and what I though was 2 Ringed-neck Duck.  But
>after looking at the images on the computer they turned out to be Greater
>Scaup's, which was a nice surprise find.  Thanks Julie for the heads up.

You're too modest.  You thought they were scaups in the field and I 
was the one who convinced you they were probably ring-necked.  Oops :)

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