This morning, I spotted a small flock of goldeneyes from rte 12 in 
NH, just south of the bridge from the Bellows Falls post office. 
They were closer to the VT side than the NH side, but I couldn't get 
a good view of them from VT.

When I looked at the photos later, I noticed that two of them had a 
pattern on the back that I think are more indicative of barrows than 
common goldeneye, but I've never ID'd a barrows before, so if anyone 
can help me out here, I'd appreciate it.  It's not a great photo but 
the field marks are still pretty clear:

I also got a couple photos of our neighborhood red-shouldered/ 
possible RT hybrid hawk:

For those of you on VT bird who didn't see this yesterday, I also 
have a group of photos of a mixed flock of bohemian and cedar 
waxwings from Charlestown, NH yesterday:

Other sightings from this morning included continuing Pine Siskins in 
Westminster, VT, an eastern bluebird in Walpole, NH and a full adult 
bald eagle flying overhead in Charestown, NH.  There were no signs 
anywhere of Horned Larks and/or Snow Buntings.

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