A sidenote about mnemonics, which is not meant as a criticism of 
anyone or a suggestion that this is a bad discussion to have: on a 
personal level, I find mnemonics to be very confusing.  To me, 
they're like memorizing pieces of music by trying to picture the 
sheet music.   I totally get that they work for a lot of people, but 
when I hear some of the descriptors that go with a lot of birds, I 
just find myself wondering if they're the same birds I hear.

I can't really think of a good mnemonic, for example, for the pine 
siskin, because in my head, a pine siskin's call would translate 
linguistically to "whir, whir, descending trill, chirp chirp" or 
something like that :)

Maybe it's because I'm a musician: I tend to remember sounds 
themselves more easily than the words that peope use to connect the 

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