I headed up to South Hero this morning around 7 am before ornithology  
class and here are some of the highlights...

 From the Causeway:
-Tufted Duck (1m)
-Greater Scaup (1500+)
-Lesser Scaup (100+)
-Ring-necked Duck (4m,2f)
-Common Goldeneye (50+)
-Bufflehead (2m,1f)
-Common Merganser (3m,3f)
-Hooded Merganser (7m,3f)
-Mallard (1m,1f)
-American Black Duck (3)
-Canada Goose (24)
-Snow Goose (6)
-Carolina Wren (1)

At Sandbar W.M.A:
-American Widgeon (2m)
-Northern Pintail (8m,6f)
-Wood Duck (6m,4f)
-Mallard (3m,3f)
-American Black Duck (4)
-Ring-necked Duck (25+)
-Hooded Merganser (2m,1f)
-Common Merganser (2m,2f)
-Canada Goose (12)
-Snow Goose (2)
-Great Blue Heron (1)
-Bald Eagle (1)

It was nice to finally have a calm day out on the lake, and the lack  
of wind paid off with a nice variety of waterfowl.

-Tyler Pockette