I havn't had much time to report anything since coming back from  
Spring break due to a massive amount of school work and some late  
nights out on the town but here are some (not quite so) recent  

Tues. March 17th
7 GREEN-WING TEAL sitting on some Ice at Charlotte
2 FLICKERS at Shelburne Town Beach
A flock of 30 RED-WING BLACKBIRDS (50-50 Males/FEMALES)
	The only females I've seen around
Same stuff everybody else reported

Thurs.  March 19th
Lots of Cedar & BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS along College St. all day

Sat. March 21st
Same stuff Mike reported when we went out together with Autumn.

Sun. March 22nd
Unsuccessful trip to Colchester Causeway
MERLIN Flew over my apartment on Bradley St.

Fri March 27th
Awesome time finding WOODCOCKS with Mike and Autumn at Shelburne Town  
	I always have fun explaining that one to my friends.
Woodcocks were also at Mount Philo, no owls though :(.

Mon. March 30th
A tip from one of Noah Perlut's students led us to A RED-SHOULDERED  
HAWK found by Noah earlier in the day.  New VT bird!
Picture at:

Thomas Ford-Hutchinson