I've also seen pheasant in the Orwell area and suspect they may be 


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Don't know about the status, but folks birding in the
Shoreham/Orwell area should be aware that there's a private
game-shooting operation in the valley not far from the town line
called, with no apparent sense of irony, "Peaceable Hill."  They
raise pheasants and release them for paying visitors to shoot.  A
few enterprising birds beat it the heck out of there every year.
  I'm located about halfway between this shooting gallery and the
Richville Road and see both males and females from time to time
on or near my property.

I do not know if I'm seeing the same ones or new ones from year
to year and don't know whether any of them have managed to breed.
   I've not seen or heard young.

They are truly gorgeous birds.


Peter Manship wrote:

> After having had a beautiful day of birding I was headed home on the 
> rd  when I saw the unmistakable bright red and gold of a Ring-necked
> Pheasant in a thicket just down the hill from the East Shoreham 
> (Richville road east) By the time I got my car turned around the bird 
> moved to the other side of the road. It took me a few minutes to 
re-locate it
> hiding in a larger group of bushes were it was not giving up very 
good looks. A
> noise truck passing spooked the bird and it took to the wing in 
> pheasant on the run manner, I got two images in flight which I will 
post later
> today on my blog. Question is, are Ring-necked Pheasant consider a 
wild bird
> in Vermont now or a domestic escaped bird or both? This bird was 
> loudly as if trying to locate another bird (female maybe) and it's 
coloring was
> just fabulous, bright red head, golden browns to rufous against the 
> covered background, just beautiful. What a great way to end a day of 
> Good birding
> Peter Manship
> Ludlow VT