Come join Rutland County Audubon at 7:00 p.m. on March 16 at the Rutland Free Library to as Mike Blust presents the birds of Spain.  

Spain is the place to go if you like hawks and vultures.  Its location in the southwest corner of Europe makes is a major migration route from Africa to the rest of Europe.  This past summer, Mike Blust, a member of the Green Mountain College faculty, spent a week in Madrid with birding expeditions to the Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains on the outskirts of the capital, the desert like Extramadura region near Portugal and the Pyrenees at the Spain-France border.  

Everywhere Mike went; it was hard NOT to see something soaring above.  As Mike’s first trip to Europe, it was both fun and challenging to learn a new set of birds.  The goldfinches, robins, and black vultures of Europe are not the same as the goldfinches, robins, and black vultures we know.  But the golden eagles and barn swallows are.  Then there are the birds that have no close relatives in North America, like bustards, bee-eaters, and choughs.  And of course, the songs and calls are all new.

            The Mediterranean climate and ecology yields other natural history novelties like oak savannahs and cork trees.  The program is free and the public is most welcome.  For further information call Roy Pilcher at 775-3461.

Sue Elliott