Hello all,

I will be traveling to Jay, VT in two weeks.  My companions will be skiing,
but as always, I will be birding. I am especially interested in finding
whatever boreal species, winter finches and owls (a boy can dream) that may
be around.

I have purchased the excellent Birdwatching in Vermont guide. Unfortunately,
little discussion is given to the northern part of Vermont that is west of
rt 91.

I have several questions about finding birds and getting around in this
area, as well as some of the areas that are highlighted in the guidebook.

Does anyone have suggestions for places to bird in the area around Jay?  Are
there good places to snowshoe or cross country ski and also look for birds?
 Will these birding sites be accessible without snowshoes or skis at this
time of year? Is there good hiking anywhere nearby at this time of year? 
Are there good roads to look for owls at night?

Am I better off just heading over to barr hill or moose bog (both of which
are about 1.5 hours away)?  If I do head to one of those places, are they
readily accessible by car at this time of year? Will I need snowshoes or
skis once I am there?

Please respond to me off list at:      douglas_ruff <AT>

Thanks very much for any assistance!

Boston, MA