Greetings All,

After posting a brief introduction to on VT-bird a couple weeks ago, we've been receiving quite a site visits by Vermont birders. We would very much like to improve our service to your birding community and the entire New England region. We can do this in a couple of ways.

We’re working to create a weekly feature for the online journal that will offer a report on rare bird sightings and other important bird-related events occurring across North America. With this in mind, we are looking for someone in Vermont who might be interested in serving as a local correspondent.  

This will not involve a major time commitment. All we would need from you is a brief weekly report on any extremely rare birds in your area. We are primarily interested in reporting on those rare birds that folks in neighboring states might be inclined to chase. Unlike most local listservs, we are able to post photos of these rarities, so we welcome your submissions of rare bird photos to augment this report. Additionally, we would like to offer a brief promo about any local bird festivals or bird-related events that might be of interest to out-of-state visitors.

Finally, we would welcome guest postings on any bird-related topic, particularly issues that are of particular interest in your corner of the continent. Those of us who started and who have thus far contributed to the online journal all live in the western U.S. and our writings are biased by this perspective. We'd like to change that and you can help.

If you have an interest in working with us on this project, please contact Dave Irons via e-mail at: [log in to unmask]


Dave Irons