I was just letting the birders know that hunters could be around then.
Linda LaPan
Lake Placid, NY

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Date: Monday, March 2, 2009, 7:18 PM

There are too many Snow Geese so many that they are eating up their  
fragile tundra nesting habitat. The special hunting season is to  
reduce their number to better fit the nesting habitat.

Allan Mueller
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>> Subject: NNYBirds:  Snow Geese
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>> I read in the paper today that there is going to be a special spring
>> Snow Goose hunting season from March 11-April 15th. This will include
>> NY DEC Waterfowl Hunting zones: Western, Northeastern, Southeastern,
>> and Lake Champlain. Just though birders might want to know this!!
>> Linda LaPan
>> Lake Placid, NY