Hi Pete
I probably should be  sending this to you and not the whole list  
serve---since I am not 100% sure of my facts

We have a high deductible Blue cross blue shield health saving account  
type policy.  Bob and I are the only ones on it but I think if we had  
full time employees , they could be added too.

To get the policy we had to fill out paperwork about hrs worked etc.   
The insurance is through blue cross, and the savings part is through  
setting something up with your bank in connection with the policy.

Health insurance is  terrible racket as you know.

What I do like about this policy(basically one of those dreaded HMO's)  
as opposed to what we had before is that it will pay up on alot of  
preventive type visit stuff even before you meet your high deductible.

best of luck, let me know if any of this helps????????????????????
Sincerely, Jane Pomykala
On Mar 11, 2009, at 6:36 AM, Pete Johnson wrote:

We are pursuing health insurance for our employees. If anyone else has  
pulled this one off and wants to share wisdom and/or commiserate about  
it contact me directly. Thanks, Pete

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