That sounds like a solid opportunity for us, as opposed to a  broad scale see what I sell type thing, I personally enjoy the chance to piggy back my order with someone else's and would like to continue to be offered things like that...
Janet L Boyd
The Boyd Family Farm
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Seems as if the intent of the commercial poster is based on a timely opportunity, or a prevalent question for growers, it should be fine. It would probably be best if it were not a regular thing for any one business. There are other channels for advertising goods and services.
I posted an ad earlier in march about a half empty truck coming from western ny, with room for more pallets of fertilizer if anyone were interested.  The contact name, and person doing the trucking, was a commercial member of vvbga who sells fertilizer and seeds. he wasn't really selling the fertilizer, so we figured it was more of a service of convenience to growers. Growers wanted the product, and shipping could be reduced with a full truck.
Not a regular posting, not a problem...??
Jon Satz
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