It was still a bit cloudy around here in the morning, but the weather cleared out as the day went on so we headed up to the mountain for some turns in the afternoon.  The temperature was 44 F when we arrived at the Timberline base at around 1:00 P.M., and the slopes were looking great in the afternoon sun.  On piste we found good corn snow, although off piste in areas that hadnít seen traffic, the snow was mushy.  There were a few bare spots on the main trails in windswept areas.  Ty hadnít been on his Telemark skis in a while and wanted to get back to work on them today.  He made some progress on getting down into deeper Telemark stances on mellower slopes and had a lot of fun in the corn.  Our last run was a top to bottom from the top of Vista all the way down to Timberline and, you could definitely feel that it was getting cold up above 3,000í. As the afternoon wore on, clouds built in with the approach of the next storm, and we had some rain showers start down here in the valley by about 6:00 P.M.  It sounds like it might be a bit warm for any snow down here in Waterbury, but the forecast is calling for some accumulating snow in the mountains tonight.  A couple of pictures from today have been added below.





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