Today wasnít an exact copy of yesterday around here, but it was pretty close.  Some morning clouds cleared out and we headed up to Timberline with the boys in the afternoon to find sunny skies and temperatures in the 40s F.  There was a bit more breeze today, so that kept things a little cooler, and no clouds were moving in today to mask the afternoon sun.  We spent the afternoon at Timberline and coverage is still excellent on the main trails, with a few bare patches that opened up a bit more since yesterday.  The snow was getting a little too soft in the lowest elevations as the sun hit it throughout the afternoon, but it wasnít the sort of stuff that made your skis stick on the trails.  Off piste areas still had a lot of sticky snow where people hadnít traveled.  I did notice that there seem to be a lot of bare spots opening up in the very bottom pitch of the Twice as Nice glades, which gets hit by a lot of sun.  The local mountains didnít appear to pick up more than an inch or two of snow from last nightís system since the snow levels were so high, but it appears as though we have another snow event coming for tonight and tomorrow which features winter weather advisories in parts of Vermont along with other areas of the Northeast.  Below Iíve inserted a few pictures from today on the mountain:







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