We headed to Stowe yesterday for Tyís school program as usual, and were treated to quite an awesome combination of weather and snow.  Unlike Saturday afternoon at Bolton where full-blown corn was in the minority as far as the surface conditions we found, it was definitely in the majority yesterday afternoon at Stowe.  Temperatures were in the 40s F, the corn cycle was in full swing, and there was wall to wall sunshine making for primo conditions on most slopes.  E and some of the other parents were looking to mix up some of the more typical groups for the day, and they were hoping it would be a chance for Ty to head off with some of the older kids that were more his speed.  He was a little reluctant at first, but was more willing when I said Iíd go along if Dylan could hang with Eís group.  We joined up with Joe and his boys Sam and Ethan, as well as Jim Brittonís son James.  We kicked things off with a run off the Sunny Spruce Quad, and all the surfaces were corned up except for a few shaded areas.  Then it was off to the big mountain, where we found that there was still plenty of winter snow in shaded areas.  Cliff trail was a neat mix, with the skierís left in the sun offering corn, and the skierís right offering winter snow.  We did a few more runs in the quad area, and dropped in to check out the half pipe on one of them.  Holy cow is that thing huge!  The sides are best described as two-story tall vertical walls of solid ice.  Iíve never been in a half pipe so huge or intimidating.  Needless to say, none of us went anywhere near going above the rim, but we all had fun.  A really fun part of the day was watching Ty discover the steep ridges along the edges of many trails, as he found out that he could alternate turns off each side of the ridge and get some really steep turns out of it.  I think heís seen E and I do that before, as we like it a lot, but Iíd never really seen him take to it like yesterday.  He was having such a blast making the steep turns, and at times heíd have his inside knee almost up in his face as he played with angulation and positioning.  It was really neat to see him adjusting his stance and pole work to accommodate the terrain.  I didnít have time to get pictures for most of the day since we were with all the boys, but after weíd made it back to Spruce, Ty and I had time for one more run together.  He was psyched to practice some more steep turns, so we headed to West Slope for a photo session as he attacked the big open ridge along the skierís left of the run.  He really ripped it up, and I was glad that Iíd caught that last chance to finally get the camera out for the day.  Ty has really been coming along with his steeper turns this year which has been nice to watch.  A few pictures from the end of the day are added below:






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