The family headed up to Bolton for a couple of quick runs yesterday afternoon, and here’s a conditions update.  It was about 40 F down at the house (495’) when we headed up to the mountain in the mid afternoon, and up at the Timberline Base (~1,500’) we found roughly the same temperature.  We skied off the Timberline mid station, and were surprised to find that only portions of the trails had corn snow, with other sections having some granular snow but also some packed powder in spots.  There was a cool breeze that must have kept the snow from going all the way over to corn, and in the places that we found it, it was often just the very top surface that had softened.  Skiing overall was good, but not great since the corn wasn’t everywhere.  I’m not sure if eastern-facing mountains softened up earlier with more sun, but I suspect the higher elevations at Bolton would have had even less corn snow.  We finally let Dylan do a day with poles, since he’d show a few weeks back that he could clearly coordinate turning and planting.  He’ll still forget about his feet sometimes if he focuses on his planting, or vice versa, but he seems reasonably ready to go.  We’ll probably let him start off with intermittent pole use like we did with Ty, depending on how much Dylan wants to do.  These cold nights and warm days are really getting the corn cycle going in the mountains, and it looks like there are a couple more before weather moves back in.  A few pictures from yesterday are below:






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