Yesterday was yet another clear one in our surprisingly long stretch of sunny March days.  The forecast suggested that afternoon highs would be around 40, so I was hoping that it would be enough to get the snow softened up to corn.  My mom had been hoping to ski with the boys at some point this season, so when it looked like the warming would be decent enough, we called her up and she came over to the house.  Between ticket vouchers and a surprisingly good fit with some of Eís alpine equipment, she was good to hit the mountain without too much hassle.  The temperature was 40 F at house when we headed up to the mountain around 1:00 P.M., and in terms of conditions it turned out to be an amazing copy of the previous Saturday (March 15th).  The temperatures werenít quite warm enough to corn up everything, but fortunately enough areas went over to corn to make for some good turns.  In the areas that werenít corn the snow surface was of course whatever state it had been in overnight, which wasnít all that soft.  We joined up with Stephen and Johannes for several runs, and had a relaxing break in the lodge during the middle of the afternoon.  All in all it was pretty quiet, and there were just a few folks in the Timberline Lodge.  Ty was on his Telemark skis again, and we did a lot of drifting drills working on his balance in the Telemark stance.  He shows improvement in his Telemark technique each outing, and it seems like the drifting is working; perhaps because he has so much fun with it.  As the afternoon wore on the sun began to get a little hazy as clouds started to build in with the front that was expected to bring a bit of snow, and some spots on the trails started to firm up as the sun faded.  In the evening we headed up to a Tapas pot luck party put on by some friends up in Hyde Park, and I got to see the general state of the snowpack on the route from Waterbury.  For the most part the valley areas like Stowe and Morrisville seemed to have a similar snowpack to what Iíve seen in Waterbury, with probably 50/50 coverage or so.  However, once we rose up into the heights of Hyde Park the snowpack increased.  Up at our friendís place, which seems to be somewhere over 1,400í in elevation, there were a few bare areas, but still a boatload of snow.  Snow is still halfway up some of the windows on the house, and I snapped a picture of their van that they said had just recently become visible again from under the snow.  The temperature was already down to 32 F when we were leaving Hyde Park after dinner, and 29.8 F when we got back at house in Waterbury.  At that point I wasnít expecting much snow with the coming front, but at least it looked like the temperatures were going to be getting down enough to give us a shot at some even in the valleys.  A few pictures from the day are below:








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