Hi Julie,

I went to the FAQ section of Docline to refresh my knowledge concerning RUSH and Urgent Patient Care time lines.  Some of the recent responses didn't ring a bell.  The only thing I saw concerning this was the following statement - "Rush and Urgent Patient Care requests must be receipted the same day..."  There was no differentiation between the two.

Since your a coordinator, I would appreciate your considered opinion on the difference between RUSH and Urgent Patient Care.


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I am the DOCLINE coordinator for Region 7. When I train staff in how to
use DOCLINE, I caution them about offering Rush service if they are a
one person library, and if they are open less that 5 full days a week I
actively discourage it.

When you check the box in DOCLINE that you offer Rush service, you are
effectively telling the DOCLINE community -- guaranteeing to them in a
sense -- that you will fill the request the same day you receive it,
even if that request comes in at 4:45pm and you leave at 5. Another
scenario, you get the message at 1:45 but you're off for a 2 pm - 5 pm
meeting with the Safety Committee and have no none else to turn the
requests over to. It's better if DOCLINE can send Rush requests to
libraries that are open 5 days a week and have staffing backup.

You can still offer quick and speedy service for normal requests. Also,
we encourage everyone to get the email alerts most appropriate for your
library (large libraries may only want email alerts for rush and UPC,
libraries that are small volume will probably want alerts for any

Regarding placing your own requests, I assume that you change the
service level to Rush when you are placing a Rush request.


Julie Kwan, MS, AHIP
Library Network Coordinator
NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region
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Hi, Everyone.  I had an interesting experience recently and wanted to
get everyone's knowledge/feedback.  I have been in this job now for
almost six years, and I don't have a lot of rush requests, but when I
do, I send the request through Docline and then I usually call the
library and say that I sent a request that is rushed, and ask if they
have any idea when it will be available.  I thank them profusely and
strive to be very respectful of their time and commitments.  Well, I did
this recently, and totally got slammed - for lack of a better word - for
calling.  I was told that I couldn't expect a rush article for 24 hours,
and that it was wrong of me to call them.  I felt really bad, since I
haven't had this experience before, and was wondering maybe it is wrong
for me to be contacting the library, but how else would they know if
they had a rush request?  I check my Docline only once a day and if I
had a rush request, I wouldn't know it.  

Anyway, if I could hear how other people do this I would really
appreciate it.  I don't want to be upsetting anyone, but sometimes I
need an article fast.




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