Hi all -

Our nursing staff has asked me to look into hospital wide discharge
policies regarding transportation, mode of transport to door, if patient
needs to be accompanied, allowing patients to drive themselves, etc.  


Is anyone aware of what their institution's policy is, or know anyone
that might be willing to share this information?  


Or do you have any ideas where hospitals find guidance on creating these


Do you think some information like this would be in PubMed?  I have
searched PubMed, but to no avail - and I'm not sure if it's the place to
look (?).  I have pasted my unsuccessful searches below.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated - 



Laura Hickerson, MS, MLS, AHIP
Librarian, Connie Delaney Medical Library
Valley View Hospital
1906 Blake Avenue
Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601
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PubMed strategies so far

"Patient Discharge"[Mesh] AND ("Transportation"[Mesh] OR "Transportation
of Patients"[Mesh])

"Patient Discharge"[Mesh] AND "Walking"[Mesh]

"Patient Discharge"[Mesh] AND "Wheelchairs"[Mesh]

"Patient Discharge/methods"[Mesh]

"discharge policy" AND walking
"discharge policy" AND transportation