Along those lines, it would also be nice to dictate specific days the
library *is* able to fill rush requests. I'm an OPL but don't work
Fridays. I've taken to checking my email from home on Fridays just so I
can forward any rush requests.

Regarding the phone call, I agree that giving a heads up is appropriate.
But did you call immediately upon putting in the request? The other
librarian may have felt you were pushing the "rush" request into an
"urgent patient care" one, and reacted to that. I usually call a couple
of hours before I leave for the day to make sure I can get it to my
patron before the next day if it's a rush, and mention that when I call.

I can also relate. I got "slammed" by someone who had *just* gotten to
work and hadn't even checked email when I called regarding a request
that had been put in the afternoon before. Neither of us were very happy
for those five minutes. (We worked it out via email shortly thereafter.)

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OTOH, I am an OPL so if such a request routed to me and I happened to be
off that day, I would not see the email either. When it is a true
rush--and we all know there are times when it is-- I think the rules of
providing good service would dictate a follow-up, in which case, it
would have to be by phone.