A rockered tip will make a ski feel a little shorter on the hard stuff and will give you the extra length and float in the soft stuff. I wouldn't want something too short with a rockered tip but my 188 w105's ski fine on the hard stuff with plenty of running length even when the tip isn't engaged. I think the important thing to remember however is that if you want a ski that will perform on hard pack or groomers we need to have a different ski discussion. Most powder skis are going to get you over the hardpack or groomers and are going to be just fine, just don't expect them to perform like a race ski. Personally I am much more concerned about how a pow ski peforms in chop than on groomers. You are going to run into chop much more often than groomers on a powder day (or the groomers will be chop). There is a huge amount of variation in how various pow skis handle high speeds and chop.

My guided experience was ski touring in the rolling hills of Idaho (it was a class, I needed credit) I can't speak to what heli gudes are going to expect of their clients (who knows if I ever will).

Also are you looking for a one ski quiver or is this going to be a quiver ski? That also makes a big difference.


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