I didn't wear my helmet on Saturday. It was only Greek Peak and there is no 
snow left in the woods. I don't fall very often, even on difficult terrain.

But my ski pals said to isn't your ability we are worried about, we are 
worried about the others around. The average skier ability level at Greek Peak 
is pretty low. We usually see grown adults in the power-wedge, straightlining 
the main slopes, and snowboard collisions are pretty frequent.

I think my skills and awareness keep me away from this stuff, however, my 
friends are never really know what the other guy is going to 
do...and tihs does happen.

I wore my helmet at Gore on Sunday. But I didn't wear it on Tuesday at Greek 
Peak because I didn't think there would be many people around (and there 

Probably should wear it anyway, but sometimes it is just so nice to let the hair 
down and ski without a helmet or even a hat. There aren't too many days like 


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>One more reason why I wear my helmet even if the sweat is pouring down 
my neck.  At Sugarbush I was skiing Bravo woods and cut close around a pine 
tree to find a rather sturdy branch stubbed off about two feet out.  I was 
watching the snow and not looking up and caught it right square in the 
forehead above the goggles.  I have a newer version of the Giro Nine which 
has incorporated a ratcheting harness like official construction hard hats use.  
I glanced off the branch and the helmet never budged on me.  Because of the 
suspension harness it also is considerably cooler and more comfortable than 
my previous two helmets.
> Some of my worst falls with head bangs have been out in the middle of a 
trail.  An icy groomed trail can have almost the consistency of blacktop.  I 
believe one can never have too much caution no matter how seemingly 
innocent the trail looks.  Jimski
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