After Josh Fox mentioned in his blog update yesterday that:
"It is quite rare to see the first 18 days of March go by with less than 5 inches of snow...", I looked at the Mansfield stake records.

This March, we've had 3.5" of new so far.
Min: 0.0" (March 1990)
Max: 75.3" (2001)
Average: 33.8"

Because it's beyond even my powers to affect the weather, because historical records aren't predictive, and because looking at them doesn't make me feel any better, here's a review of total new snowfall for the past 10 Marches:

1999: 54.2"
2000: 36.5"
2001: 75.3"
2002: 24.9"
2003: 18.8"
2004: 30.7"
2005: 30.5"
2006: 27.8"
2007: 23.5"
2008: 49.6"

4 of 10 are above average. 

Of course, this is crude analysis. If you want to take into account base depths, rainfall, and temperature, and then hitch them up with plaidlist ski TRs for those periods as a proxy for conditions, go ahead... 


Jonny gnashed:

OK, with basically no new snow potential in the forecast as far as it goes
(3/26) it is time to start considering whether this will end up being the
worst March ever. I suppose it could be worse in that we came into it with
a base and the woods are still in even now. I can remember MRG closing on
March 23 once. We could have gotten more rain than we have, and there has
been some good corn snow, although I think consistent corn really only
happens with the higher sun angle and longer days in April. 

But I think it has snowed a total of 10-14" at Stowe and 8-10" at Mad River
in the entire month. That has got to be the worst ever. 

Certainly in my 8 full winters up here this is the worst I can ever remember. 

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