Another great event put on by Jonathon at Magic Mountain on Saturday.
Rather a small turnout but a fairly high percentage of the number of
skiers that were at Magic. It is amazing how they can stay in business
with may 200 skiers on a perfect March weekend. Due to conditions the
meandering route had to be modified so it was going to be respectable
1700 vertical foot laps of Magic, up the outer most trails on the
western part of the ski area and then down Broomstick and Black Line.
The real races were doing 3 laps , and myself and two others were in the
rec division were doing two laps. 


When I arrived it was under 20 degrees but the temperature was rising a
few degrees an hour as 13 of us started up. I never understand why I am
such a slow skinner but the pressure was off quickly as everyone except
two people quickly pulled away and just became figures in the distance
and I was happy I had only signed up for two laps. The entire climb was
on groomed trails which made the skinning easy and it was just a matter
of sweating and not stopping to complete a lap, the descent was a
typical Magic adventure with rocks and large bare spots to be negotiated
on a fairly steep slope. The second lap I saw no one either in front or
in back until Jonathon lapped me on the last pitch of the descent for
his well deserved win. By then it had softened up and Joanathon led
myself and 1 other on a short skinning seminar which was helpful
(perhaps next time I will do the full course) Thanks to Jonathon for a
great day.


Also ran into Bruno and Kirstin who had come up to poach Red Line and
seemed to be enjoying themselves. Magic really rocks.

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