Hey CKPers!

I have gotten interest from a very limited number of people and are  
looking for some more to step up and join the relay for team! We will  
be having shifts so you will not be expected to be there from 6pm to  
6am. We will work out hours with the team as a whole. Also, I would  
like to have the team get together one night this week so we can make  
the sickest banner at the event!

Also, we need to get some fundraising done for this event. I was  
thinking(since time is very limited) that if you and a friend could  
just go around your building or your floor with a can and ask people  
for any change they may have laying around. You would be surprised how  
much we can raise by doing this.

Please get back to me ([log in to unmask]) if you can help us raise money  
for cancer even if you can't make it to the actual relay.

Emily Clark
University of Vermont
College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
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