Friday and Saturday work well for me -- I know the career jam was held  
on Saturday and it got a pretty good turn up. A CSSA officer position  
for job networking might not be a bad idea but as it is we've been  
having trouble filling officer positions. I'll shoot out an email to  
MicroStrain, mywebgrocer, and vague as soon as we agree upon a date.  
The only company I have contacted so far is IBM but I got no response  
so we should probably send them another email. Sorry -- I dropped the  
ball this time and nothing has really gotten done for career day.  
Let's make it happen yo.

- Michael E. Karpeles

Quoting Jacob Beauregard <[log in to unmask]>:

> So yea, I figure we should be on this. SO, what I want in response is a
> list of companies that have been already contacted (if any).
> Also, I'd like to hear what times would work for people (Tues. & Thurs.
> are not good times for me personally).
> I also want to start a list of companies we'll be contacting, and who
> wants to take responsibility for contacting which companies.
> So, I'm figuring to go through the laundry list of VSDA for sure, IBM.
> I'd be willing to take responsibility for VSDA companies.
> Another idea would be to send an email out to the VAGUE list and see if
> that gets any hits.
> We might also seek to form a more formal relationship in terms of
> computer science job awareness. This might take the form of a new
> officer position in the CSSA.
> So, to add order to this process:
> 1. -Get a list of businesses already contacted.
>    -Inquire csugrads, csgrads, etc. lists and determine possible times
> for holding the event.
> 2. -Compile list of companies to be contacted.
>    -Delegate responsibilities for contacting these companies.
> 3. -Contact businesses, and in doing so:
>    --state what we have determined as ideal times.
>    --inquire as to what would be a good time for them.
>    --inquire about forming a more formal relationship concerning careers
> and possibly other things.
> 4. -Host Career Day.
> 5. -????
> 6. -PROFIT.
> Oh yea, and if we do create a more formal relationship, we'll keep track
> of it with our LDAP Directory server, of course.

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