Howdy UVM Hackers!

BE EXCITED. You asked for more CSSA Tech-Talks and you've got it! Due to it's
great success last semester, Gary and I will be re-offering CS-095 an
CS 195 -- Technical Talks in Computing (under the authorization of
Professor Xindong Wu).

CS-095 & CS-195 - Technical Talks in Computing
* FREE FOOD AT EVERY MEETING! (vegan food, too!)
* Take this course AGAIN for MORE CREDIT!
* [Thursday 7:00PM-8:15PM] Meets only ONCE a week
* Informal meetings, student driven!

Check out this semester's course page for more details:

Too good to be true? Feel free to read below for more info
or contact me directly via email. Try not to wait until the last
minute to register -- we got pretty full last semester. Hope to see
some returning and new faces!

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Q: Unique Class Format!
Classes are informal, open-ended, laid-back, and are lead by fellow
students from the CSSA. This is an official class which can be taken
for credit.

Q: Wait, you don't need to be a CS major?!
Nope! In fact, we had a good distribution this semester. This course
has two sections, CS-095 (for non-cs majors and those interested in
programming) and CS-195 for CS majors. We cover a lot of material that
applies outside of pure CS. This semester we had presentations on:
* GNU Linux System
* Regular expressions,
* hacker culture
* Data mining
* AI & machine learning
* Micro-computing

Q: I'm a CS major!
W00t! If you are a freshman or sophomore, I'd highly suggest
registering for this class. I used to attend tech talks before it was
offered for credit and I found them extremely valuable and fun.
Academically, you can't afford NOT to take this course. Here's why:
The whole point of this class is to refine your hacking skills by
gearing presentations toward important CS topics that are not covered
within our department.

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- Michael E. Karpeles

UVM ACM Chapter
CSSA Vice President
CSSA Secretary