I have a hard stop at 10:20, so really important to start on time, and I would actually prefer to start at 8:00 if possible. Any takers. Best to
get this done before the rain comes anyway.

If I don't hear anything, I'll be there at 8:30 anyway so that we can start early.

Sebastian Ventrone

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Brick Move!!


  We will need people to help out this saturday from 9 am  - about  
noon to move the bricks.  Kelly is volunteering her truck from 9 - 11  
and sebastian will bring his truck and trailer to help with the move.

Please sign up using doodle so we can make sure that we have enough members:

So please meet in the soils lab at 9am saturday morning.  Sebastian is  
kind to bring a dozen bagels :)

See you then!