Howdy Folks, 

Below is a piece from David Barrington about this coming Friday:

The program would be to visit a fiddlehead site, probably in Richmond. We
can tour the big floodplain population and talk about our recent research
insights, which I find to be quite engaging.   Then, assuming there are
fiddleheads, we can repair to our house, which is nearby, and prepare some
fiddleheads and enjoy with companion beverages and maybe cheese blah blah blah.

The big problem is that I was at the site on Sunday and the crowns are as
tight as they were in January, so it's going to take some real rain and
warmth to get to harvestable fiddleheads by Friday.    I am still game for
the field trip in any case, but we will have to come up with an alternate
plan, perhaps involving more time in the woods.

If you are interested, please be at the FN room by about 12:50pm. Plan is to
return by about 5pm.

See you...