The configuration is standard G4 iBook with 1GB ram, 1.33GHz PPC, 40G  
HD. These were new in the summer of 06 with a 4 year warranty. The  
service is amazingly fast with a 48-72 hour turn around. Batteries and  
keyboards are included in the coverage. Schools get to purchase these  
at the close of the lease. Many schools have done so and have pushed  
the program down to 4,5 and 6th grades as classroom mobile cart  
	Over the summer, the MLTI program upgraded the OS to 10.5, and  
updated iLife 08 and iWork 08. Besides StudyWiz for all 7+8th graders,  
Noteshare, Finale NotePad 2008, FinalePA,MyWorld GIS 4.1, ClamXav and  
World Book are included. Schools add their own site licensed software  
and any freeware lke SketchUp, Freemind.
	The hearings in Augusta yesterday afternoon were mostly positive, and  
it would appear that the program has a good chance of migrating to  
9-12 over the summer with MacBooks plus new software, but we'll have  
to see.


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> Hey by any chance to you have the spec on the current Maine Lap's  
> i.e. G4 i-book 10. ? how much RAM? etc
> On Apr 10, 2009, at 7:51 AM, Brad Edwards wrote:
>> Check out what may be happening in Maine as the MLTI laptop program  
>> gears up to expand to high schools:
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