I agree that the wordpress is very easy to setup .. our tech committee asked
me to setup something, which is hosted at wordpress.

I also use wordpress for my personal blog.

Bill Clark
Austine School

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Subject: Setting up a web site using Word Press (not only for blogging)

I recently asked my son a question about how to do something on the web, he
answered a much more general question, about a framework for a new web site.
He suggested I try Word Press, public domain blogging software, as the
framework for a new web site. He suggested that the blog portions don't even
need to be used, but that the rest of the framework provides a structure for
all sorts of possible add-ons.
I've been using bluehost (at his suggestion) for web hosting. All I had to
do was click a few buttons, and a previously web-page-less domain name was
up and running.
Amazingly easy.
My bare-bones site - nothing but scaffolding yet - is at

The administration stuff I've played with so far has been intuitive, easy to
"Highly Recommended"