Hey BJ -
My heart goes out to you; hope you're able to get everything cleaned
up.  We're running Trend Officescan here as well, and so far (knock on
wood) I haven't seen it.  Have you had a chance to invoke Trend's
"outbreak control"?
Keep us posted on your progress,
Eric I Snay
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Fair Haven Union High School
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>>> On 4/24/2009 at 4:05 PM, Bjorn Behrendt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
It seems to proprogate itself any means possible, I am guessing the
network in my case.  Probably started from an infected usb key or email.

I have Trend Microsystems which was up to date on most computers, but
it didn't seem to help much beond reporting.   I also ran the network
checks before March 31 and my network came back clear. 

I first noticed it when my main domain server was so taxed it stopped
doing anything.  This server is also my AV server so I am guessing that
once it sent out it's latest update, all 200 of the computers connected
to it reported back saying exsessive vireses detected. 

I had to go old school to get rid of it.   I dissconected all my
switches and have been one by one checking and patching the computers
with a usb disk (using kk.exe and the 3 ms patches).   I created a blog
post on with links to the utilities I have been

Bjorn Behrendt 
Proctor School District 
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Bjorn Behrendt
Proctor School District
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Can you elaborate a bit on the problems that you are experiencing? 

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>22 days late but it is hear now.   
>Bjorn Behrendt 
>Proctor School District 
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