with all the debates over info access vs creative access...

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All this talk about netbooks reminds me of when "thin clients" were all the rage.  Does anyone else see the similarities? 

You're reminding us of our age :)  Wikipedia makes it specific ... 

The term was coined in 1993 by Tim Negris, VP of Server Marketing at Oracle Corp., while working with company founder Larry Ellison on the launch of the landmark Oracle7 release of the company's flagship relational database management system (RDBMS). Ellison had charged Negris with finding a way to boldly differentiate Oracle's server-centric software from the decidedly desktop-oriented products of then-rival Microsoft. Thin Client became Ellison's relentless battle cry, repeated in hundreds of speeches, interviews and articles attendant to the release of Oracle7 and many other products after that.

What are some of the key differences?

1. wireless has replaced dialup modems
2. google has replaced oracle
3. wikipedia has replaced encarta and brittanica
4. gigabyte memories have replaced megabyte memories
5. gigabit processors have megabit processors
6. youtube has replaces everything ...