Thanks -
I forgot about FreeNAS - seems like an easy enough way to recycle some of the older hardware. I remember watching a YOUtube video about that ..

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We have been using the FreeNAS OS in a couple of old desktop boxes with great success: small HD (2GB?) for OS, three big drives for storage. I believe it will do RAID, although we don’t use it – just a lot of redundancy in backups. Our backups are scheduled from each data source and it is pretty much “hands off” once it is set up. And cheap!


on 4/9/09 1:16 PM, Bill Clark wrote:

Does anyone have a recommendation for NAS devices ? Seems alot easier than
building a server. Lots of choices..

I would need abt 500 GB, raid 1 if possible.


Bill Clark
Austine School